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Interior design should be natural and part of nature.

Organisational Value
將「空間」「設計」「討論」 三項合成為「家」 同時也是為生活及藝術 創造出豐富的故事 木是一個建築的基礎 森是一個團隊的默契 由三位有著相同理念人碰撞出來了 探索與木共舞的態度,讓空間反璞歸真 以人為本,一切圍繞為人的生活、生產活動創造美好的室內環境 家的故事由森”禾”您一同寫下
The combination of three woods becomes a forest
Combine the three items of “space”, “design” and “discussion” into “home” But also for life and art Create a rich story Wood is the foundation of a building The forest is the tacit understanding of a team It came out of the collision of three people with the same idea Explore the attitude of dancing with wood, let the space return to its original nature People-oriented, all around creating a beautiful indoor environment for people’s life and production activities The story of the family is written by us.

Business Philosophy
  • 團隊介紹
  • 證照
  • 建築物室內設計乙級技術士
  • 建築物室內裝修工程管理乙級技術士
  • 成員
  • 執行總監|江尹傑
  • 設計總監|陳建倫
  • 設計總監|張佳澔